Teen Mental Health First Aid


Teen Mental Health First Aid Training Tasmania

Looking for a way to equip teens with the skills to navigate mental health challenges among their peers? Look no further than the Teen Mental Health First Aid Course (TMHFA).

Teen Mental Health First Aid in Schools

TMHFA Designed for High School Students (Years 7-12)

This evidence-based program empowers teens to become mental health first responders for their friends. Through interactive sessions, students in Years 7-9 and 10-12 will gain the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Recognise the signs: Learn to identify common warning signs of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and psychosis.
  • Start supportive conversations: Develop skills to approach friends experiencing mental health challenges with empathy and understanding.
  • Provide initial support: Understand how to offer effective first aid until professional help arrives.
  • Navigate crisis situations: Learn to respond effectively to situations involving suicidal thoughts, self-harm, intoxication, bullying, and abuse.

Based on Expert Research

The TMHFA curriculum is built on the latest research and informed by the lived experiences of people with mental health challenges. This ensures students are equipped with relevant and practical tools.

Investing in Teen Wellbeing

By learning TMHFA, teens gain the power to create a more supportive and understanding environment for themselves and their peers. This can lead to:

  • Early intervention: Identifying mental health issues early allows for better outcomes.
  • Reduced stigma: Open communication about mental health can decrease stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviour.
  • Increased support networks: Teens can learn to be there for each other during difficult times.

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Introduce Teen Mental Health First Aid to your school! This program empowers young people to become advocates for mental health and build a stronger support system for themselves and their peers.

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